KRRASS (Anhui) Manufacturing CO.,LTD. is an economic entity integrating manufacturing, installing, selling central duct equipments, also the professional manufacturer of duct terminal device, tube, component and duct equipment. Located in “town of machine tool”, Bowang District, Ma’anshan, Anhui, China.

KRRASS (Anhui) Manufacturing CO.,LTD. is a high-tech Joint Venture (JV) funded by Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery CO.,LTD and Hong Kong RICH-DO INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD, specialized in manufacturing duct production lines and round pipe equipments.

KRRASS (Anhui) Manufacturing CO.,LTD. is dedicated to the R&D of ventilating duct and round pipe equipments, main products including: duct production equipment, full-automatic plasma cutting machine, shearing machine, edge-folding machine, pittsburgh lockfomer machine, TDF flange forming machine, beading machine, angle bending machine, plate-rolling machine, shrimp elbow making machine, reel shearing machine and accessories.

Especially, sheet metal processing equipments have been reached the international advanced level and possessing IIPR (Independent Intellectual Property Rights) of main core technologies. In the world, in more than 120 countries and regions can be found KRRASS products, and many countries and regions also have our company offices and agencies, such as, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Russian Federation, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syrian, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia etc. Besides, company will sent technicians to USA, Germany etc countries for technical training and exchanges every year, which is a good chance and platform for synchronously developing KRRASS technology and service, keeping them always in the world advanced level.

During the last ten years, KRRASS has researched and developed a large number of advanced technologies and products, and stepped into the list of top-notching international renowned enterprises integrating design, manufacturing and service of metal auto forming and processing system, unceasingly providing more high-quality products for customers. As a leader in sheet metal processing and duct production equipments field, KRRASS products can effectively reduce the labor needed in ventilation and air conditioning, fire ventilation exhaust pipe system engineering, and also significantly improve the production and installation efficiency for project contractors.

KRRASS has passed the SGS and CE certification and has established the practical quality assurance and service system. Through strict control of production quality, ensure each machine is line with international high standards; consistently provide KRRASS customers with high-cost-performance, high-quality and low-price products. Through strict and standardized management, excellent after-sales service casting the industry brand.

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