Duct Automatic Line IV


I. Function:

It’s mainly for uncoiling, leveling, beading, punching, locking, bilaterally angle steel or TDF flange forming. Because of its small space requirement and easy to install and operate, people also call it “small line 5”

II. Super Auto Duct Line 4

  • Duplex TDF flange forming machine
  • Duplex angle steel flange forming machine
  • Mechanical arm clutching, locating and transferring platform
  • Displacement lock machine
  • Line 3 host + Dual racks

III. Performance Features:

  • All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel so that the lifetime prolongs by more than 5 times.
  • The injection holes are used at both ends of the drive shaft, to enhance the bearing life.
  • Under the material-saving mode of CNC system, machine can withdraw material automatically after finishing tasks.
  • With production memory functions, the production order can be tracked and checked.

IV. Main Import Configuration:

  • Cylinder imported from Germany festo
  • Beijing Huade or hydraulic system from Taiwan
  • Japan Omron encoder
  • Taiwan Hiwin linear guideways
  • Taiwan Delta CNC system

V. Basic Configuration:

  • Two electric coil cradles, 4 material trays ( 5-7t each roll)
  • One rack
  • One hose (line 2 host)
  • One mechanical arm clutching, locating and transferring platform
  • One displacement type locking machine
  • One duplex TDF flange forming machine
  • One duplex angle steel flange forming machine
  • One set of computer controlling system

VI. Advantages of Products:

  • The latest design can resolve the problems like getting struck, too many repairs form roll-shearing displacement lock machine.
  • The three-line bending function can crimp narrow edges and stably process 0.5-1.2mm galvanized sheet to avoid wasting.

VII. Main Technical Parameters

Duct Automatic Line IV Technical Parameters