U Shape Duct Manufacturing Auto Line V

I. Main Features:

  1. Compact U-type structure needs litter space, very suitable for medium-small plant.
  2. Pneumatic mechanical manipulators push plate in conjunction with combined nip machine, high speed and positioning more accurate.
  3. Stepping out from traditional processing method, the nip machine can save a lot of time and significantly improve production efficiency.
  4. Save labor, high efficiency, a piece of L semi-finished product can be finished in 22 min
  5. With production manage function: Day Count, Cumulative Count
  6. Two kinds of input modes (touch screen and keyboard) ensure operation reliability
  7. Optional rod punching, laminating functions

II. Main Functions:

  1. Mainly used for processing TDF flange straight pipe and angle flange “C” bone flange, production capacity: 800-2500m2/day
  2. Only need input size, production line could automatically uncoiling, leveling, bending grooving, notching, Pittsburgh lock, TDF flanging forming, angle flange “C”bone flange forming, folding square.
  3. Leveling roller isΦ70 solid roller, made by 45# hardening and tempering steel coated with hard chrome to ensure service life and leveling effect, and protect the metal sheet surface.
  4. Grooving roller isΦ100 solid roller, made by 45# hardening and tempering steel coated with hard chrome to ensure service life and grooving effect and beauty-appearance.
  5. Conjunction with hydraulic shearing machine whose blade made by 6CrWu2Sisteel, ensures the cutting accuracy ±0.5mm without turned edge and burr.

III. Standard Accessories:

  • Electric uncoiler 1 set (including 4 material trays of 7T)
  • Support frame
  • Leveling device
  • Bending grooving device
  • Notching Device
  • Hydraulic shearing machine
  • 1# transmitting platform
  • Nip machine (combined angle platform)
  • 2# transmitting platform
  • Tandem TDF flange machine
  • Tandem angle flange machine
  • Servo square-folding machine
  • Controller

IV. Controller

Use Japan MITSUBISHI PLC controller, servo motor drives and controls the whole production line, through controller adjusts the duct size, realizing full numerical control production.

V. Main Technical Parameters

U Shape Duct Manufacturing Auto Line V Technical Parameters

VI. Standard Accessory List:

Duct automatic line V components