TDF flange forming machine TDF Flange Forming Machine


1. Performance Features:

TDF flange machine can be divided into three types according to the working requirements: single type T-12 and T-15, duplex type 2-T-12. Single type machine like T-12 and T-15 can form flange edge at one side and crispening edge at the other side; duplex type like 2-T-12 can form flange edge at both sides simultaneously to improve efficiency and save time. Additionally, duplex type can and flange edge or crispening edge outside at either side. Our company would  specially introduce high-strength rolling reels made of GCr15, a kind of steel which prolongs the machine life by more than 5 times and outputs stainless steel TDF flange.

II. Main Technical Parameters

TDF Flange Forming Machine Technical Parameters