What is a duct machine, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the duct machine


With the improvement of living standards, central air conditioners have gradually replaced the traditional cabinet-mounted air conditioners into people’s lives and are loved by people. As one of the types of central air conditioners, the air duct machine has attracted the attention of many people, but there are still many friends who have questions about it. What is a duct machine? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the air duct machine? Where is suitable for installing air duct machine? With these doubts, let’s get to know the editor of Hirota Comfort Home!

What is a duct machine

Ducting machine is actually the abbreviation of ducted air conditioner. It is a type of central air conditioner. The biggest feature of ducting machine is the form of one for one. An outdoor unit and an indoor switchboard are connected by copper pipes. The cold air is blown directly to each room through the air duct. The ducted air conditioner is a refrigeration system similar to the central air conditioner. Many people like to use this refrigeration equipment. Compared with other air conditioning systems, the ducted air conditioner has Its own unique advantages, of course, also have some shortcomings.

What are the advantages of the air duct machine

Compared with the general central air conditioner, the cost of the duct machine is relatively cheap, but the effect is not worse than that of the central air conditioner. Moreover, the environment after the decoration looks the same as the central air conditioner. The hidden installation will not affect the beauty of the home. In addition, the duct machine is more convenient to maintain because of its simpler structure.

What are the disadvantages of the air duct machine

Now that the air duct machine is cheap and has the effect of central air conditioning, are you already excited? Don’t worry, listen to me: the air duct machine uses fixed frequency technology, which is to control the temperature through the air valve, which will give people the illusion that the compressor stops running. In fact, the compressor does not stop at all, so the air duct machine The power consumption is huge. As mentioned above, the air duct machine is a one-for-one form. Simply put, you must install as many outdoor units as you install indoor units. This will affect the appearance of the outdoors, and the duct type is in operation. The noise is loud, which greatly affects the experience. Therefore, Guangtian Comfort Home recommends that economically permitted users install central air-conditioning to enjoy a higher quality and comfortable life.

Where is suitable for installing air duct machine

The air duct machine is very suitable for use in independent large bays, such as the halls of shopping malls, guest restaurants, and shops (note that private rooms are not applicable), with good effect and low price. If it is a large room where you can work and operate in the middle, it is recommended to use a duct machine.