How to reduce material waste in the production of air duct production line


The air duct production line can be defined as the whole process of duct forming is completed by one machine independently.

1. The air duct production line can be defined as the entire process flow of air duct forming is independently completed by a machine.

2. Before making the air duct, you must carefully understand the duct structure and specifications on the drawing, so as to cause unnecessary waste when cutting the board. This is also a key step to reduce the loss.

3. Arrange the opposite-sex air ducts and make them centrally and uniformly. Try to make the opposite-sex air ducts first, so that all the large-size plates remaining in the production of the opposite-sex air ducts can be applied to the straight pipes behind.

4. The distance between the air pipes is as large as possible when connecting, especially the small branch pipes can be processed according to the length of the plate, which can save the waste of air pipe accessories and speed up the progress of air pipe production.

5. The edge material produced during the cutting process of the board should be applied to the top of the air duct as much as possible. The upper layer can be used as long as it does not affect the air duct itself because of its concealment.