The operation and operation of the air duct production line

The normal operation and operation of the air duct production line can not be separated from the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to ensure that the machine is operating normally and the daily production of air duct does not fail to stop, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the pipe production machine. The air duct production line manufacturers said that for the maintenance of the air duct production line, from the following aspects to start.

1, for the pipe cleaning system flexible pipe material requirements are relatively high, need to have dust-proof, good containment, smooth inner wall and other characteristics. The connection between it and the air duct equipment is more tight, and the appearance requirements of the air port are more stringent, the quality should be qualified, the border and blades should be smooth and smooth.

2, in the production of wind valve to have open and close markings, multi-leaf valve blades need to be connected to the same, and wheelbase deviation to be within 1mm. For flexible tubes, its tightness should be suitable, length should be within the scope of construction specifications, and in line with design requirements, cracking phenomenon, distortion phenomenon are not allowed to appear.

3, for the production of wind cap requirements, the specific performance of the shape rules to maintain complete balance, size deviation per meter within 2mm. The rotating parts of the fireproof valve need to have strong corrosion resistance, and their closure should be tight and breathable.