Air Duct Production Line 5 Safe Operation Procedure

The multifunctional biting machine in the air duct production line 5 has the function of biting Japanese bone, right angle bone, elbow right angle bone, hook bone, barge bone, cutting bone and zigzag bone without exchanging rolling wheels. The machine has greater flexibility and compliance. It can provide more convenience for users. Just like the operation of the multi-functional biting machine, we need to pay attention to ensure safety. The biting machine is an indispensable mechanized equipment for various sheet metal processing and air duct production. So, how to ensure the safe operation of the air duct production line bite machine?

The line 5 protection device of the air duct production line is used to isolate the operators from the rotating parts, live parts and harmful substances produced in the process of processing. Such as belt ink, gear cover, electrical ink, scrap iron baffle, protective railings, etc. The safety device is used to improve the working reliability of machine tools. When a part breaks down or overloads, the safety device will act to stop the equipment or turn to no-load operation. Such as travel limiter, friction clutch, etc.

The five line signal device of air duct production line is used to indicate the operation of machinery and equipment, or send out color, sound and other signals to remind the operator to take emergency measures to deal with the abnormal operation of machinery and equipment. Such as indicator light, buzzer, electric bell, etc. The interlocking device is used to control the operation sequence of machine tool equipment, so as to avoid accidents caused by uncoordinated action. If the lathe screw rod and polished rod can not act at the same time, electrical or mechanical interlocking device should be installed to control.