How to select an Auto duct line?


When buying an auto duct line,some customers tend to think too much about its price and ignore its practicality. In fact, when buying a duct production line, its price and practicality are equally important, so we must achieve its price and practicality. The two sides are balanced, so that we can choose a duct production line that is suitable for our own production needs and is reasonably priced.

Practicality of duct production line:

A complete duct production line should be able to achieve the following practicalities:

1. Coil material selection and blanking function; 2-6 kinds of coil materials of different thickness or material can be selected.

2. Compression and leveling function; this function is the adjustment process before the coil processing to prevent the production of waste.

3. The functions of punching, chamfering and grooving; this function can complete the production of air duct installation holes, avoiding the inconvenience caused by later drilling.

4. Cut-off function: This function separates the sheet material from the coil for the next step of processing.

5. Transmission function; it is convenient for the coil to automatically process the next procedure.

6. Bite: This function realizes the pressing operation of the sheet material and makes the joint angle.

7. Common plate flange forming; this function is a key step for making double-sided common plate flanges.

8. Bending and forming; the last process is completed, and the rectangular duct with plate flange has been formed.

Therefore, after considering the practicability of the duct production line, consider its price. As the saying goes: cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap.