What are the advantages of common plate flange duct compared with angle steel flange duct


The  common plate flange duct is also known as the flange duct, which is faster, more convenient and less air leakage than the traditional rectangular duct. It has the advantages of saving materials and reducing project investment; It has the advantages of small air leakage, low energy consumption and low operation cost, and is popular with construction enterprises. The United States and Europe and other developed countries began to use the flanged connection of air duct in the 1990s. At present, this technology has been widely used in various projects.

In recent years, as an important part of the air conditioning and ventilation system, the amount of air duct is increasing every year, and the requirements are also higher and higher. With the development of science and technology, the new materials and new technology used in the manufacture and installation of air duct emerge in endlessly, and the common plate flange air duct is one of them. Common plate flange duct equipment has become a practical tool for large construction and installation enterprises. At the same time, whether the common plate flange duct can be produced has become an important factor to undertake key HVAC projects.

The common plate flange air duct is characterized by self forming flange, reducing the weight of air duct, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, high strength, quick and convenient installation and low production cost. Using the common plate flange air duct processing line not only makes the previous air duct production from inefficient human labor into efficient mechanical production, greatly reduces the labor intensity, improves the work efficiency, and reduces the engineering cost.

Compared with the angle steel flange air duct, about 60% labor force can be saved for every 10 M2 air duct production and installation under the same construction period, 30 kg of various section steel, more than 10 sets of various connection bolts and 0.2 kg of antirust paint; The air duct flange is made of galvanized steel sheet, and the amount of galvanized steel sheet is increased by about 4%; With the production line, the manufacturing accuracy and quality are easier to control. In addition, the reduction of section steel and anti-corrosion engineering reduces the environmental pollution caused by paint, which has good economic and social benefits.