Seven tips for the maintenance of the duct lock forming machine


As an important equipment in duct production, the use of a wide range of hair, then how should we carry out maintenance on the biting machine? Below for you to introduce the 7 o’clock bite machine maintenance recommendations:

1. Check the working conditionof of the system frequently. In particular, pay attention to the rod bearings, if there is damage phenomenon should be replaced immediately repair, must not continue to reluctantly use.

2. If it is found that the mill speed is slow or the operation is weak, may be caused by the slack of the triangular belt, the motor position can be moved, re-tightening the triangular belt, that can return to normal.

3. Every six months for a maintenance cycle, should remove the upper and lower frame wall panels, roller bearings, and reapply ZL45-2 lithium-based grease.

4. When rolling the elbow bite shape, should take away the right feed by ruler, and in the first up and down rolling wheel shearing process, fill the appropriate amount of lubricant. There must be no sand grains on the workpiece on the site.

5. The side four hand should be used for human handling or machine lifting. Do not force the platform panel, or even use the lifting panel to lift the machine.

6. Always fill the transmission flank with calcium – based grease. Reduce tooth wear.

7. Keep the surface of the rolling wheel clean, clean the adhesive in time, apply rust-proof grease to the surface of the rolling wheel when it is stopped for a long time.