KRRASS-Duct manufacture auto line III introduction

Product information

The wind pipe duct manufacture auto line III is composed of a feeding rack, a leveling and bead press, a hydraulic press for punching the tip and square punch, a hydraulic shearing machine, and a hydraulic folding machine. The electrical control part adopts full computer control, the control system has a closed loop feedback system, and the generation accuracy and stability are obviously improved. Its maximum working speed is 16 m/min. Suitable for mixed production of common plate flanges, angle steel flanges and plug-in flanges. The length error is ±0.3mm, and the diagonal error is ±0.5mm. This system can meet the production capacity of 1000 square meters square air duct in a single shift.

Working principle:

Coil-feeding-leveling and beading
Punching and cutting square mouth sharp mouth-folding-cutting into TDF (self-made flange)
Blanking and bending-cutting and corresponding angle iron, inserts are matched with plug-in flange blanking cutting

Basic configuration:

A: Two electric feeding racks (with 4 trays)
B: A set of bead leveling device
C: Four sets of hydraulic angle cutter with mould
D: A set of hydraulic shears and hydraulic bending machines E: A set of computers, controllers and production software


A: Cut to length, can be used directly with computer plasma cutting machine.
B: (a) CS insert bone shear angle, can be used in conjunction with C-bone flange machine and S insert flange machine.
(b) Various connection methods of TDF self-contained flanges can be used in conjunction with TDF self-contained flange machines and TDF folding machines.
(c) The angle can be cut into various angles used for iron flanges or zigzag flanges. And can fold out “”, “mouth”, and “L” and can be used with the combined sewing machine to complete a complete set of air ducts.
C: It can complete the TDC shearing angle and bend it with the insert flange, such as the production of “mouth”-shaped air ducts. It can be used with the combined sewing machine to complete the whole set of air ducts.