How to form a complete Duct manufacture auto line?


The duct manufacture auto line is the entire process of duct molding performed independently by a single machine. The popular point is from the coil material, to duct molding of the whole process by the machine processing equipment uninterrupted, independent completion. The intermediate process does not require anyone’s involvement and manipulation.

How to form a complete duct manufacture auto line? Let’s take a look at the specific needs to achieve the following functions:

1. The volume is selected, the lowering function, you can choose 2-6 different thicknesses or materials of the coil.

2. Pressing and flat function, this function is the adjustment process before the processing of the coil, to prevent the generation of waste.
3. Punching, chamfering, slotting function, this function can complete the wind pipe installation hole production, to avoid the inconvenience caused by the post-punching.

4. Cut off the function, which separates the plate from the coil and proceeds to the next step of processing.

5. Transfer function, convenient for the automatic processing of the volume of the next process.

6. Bite, this function to achieve the edge operation of the plate, the production of joint angle.

7. Co-plate flange molding, this function is a key step in the production of double-sided co-plate flanges.