Use and maintenance of duct manufacture auto line

Before use

1, the angle steel punchmachine equipment around and above the dust debris are cleaned, especially the position of the die.

2, the transmission and heavy head position must be filled with lubricant, so that the equipment will run more smoothly, there will be no wear and so on.

When used

1, in accordance with the standard operating specifications of the angle steel punchmachine equipment to carry out, do not operate privately to avoid damage.

2, if the angle steel puncher equipment running when there is a strange or noisy sound, need to stop to check and repair the fault.

After use

1, as before use, each position should be clean, convenient next use to ensure good performance.

2, regular use of anti-rust products for wipe, so that the mechanical parts will not be too early to rust can not be used normally. At every stage of the use of the angle steel puncher equipment do a good job of basic work, so that its performance and service time will be ideal.