Duct manufacture auto line – high productivity

The first line of the Duct manufacture auto line is the simplest production line in the duct manufacture process, is the ideal combination of duct manufacture materials, the duct manufacture auto line is also known as: open-roll flat shear line, is composed of the upper frame, the school flat press and mechanical shearing machine, By the whole computer control leveling shear speed and accuracy.

Economic duct manufacture auto line as long as the addition of the corresponding device can also achieve the opening of the volume down material, plate processing capacity for ordinary plate thickness of 2.5mm, stainless steel plate for 1.5mm. The first line of economical duct manufacture auto line has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, micro-computer control integration, high work efficiency and reasonable price, and is an economical choice for the duct manufacture auto line. The second line of duct manufacture auto line adds the function of punch tip and punch mouth on the basis of the first line of duct manufacture auto line.

In this way, attention should be paid to the exact consistency of setup conditions and original plates on the standby board, which includes the exam board selection switch, the setting position of the short-circuit rod and the position of the potentialdevice. Generally not easily placed in the central processor board and a memory board, otherwise it may cause program and machine parameters to be lost, resulting in the expansion of the fault, in the case of memory or memory chip, please note that the memory chip labeled the original version of the software is completely consistent, if not, it is irreplaceable.

No matter from the use, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects, the timely and effective after-sales service is the common plate flange machine procurement important indicators.