Precautions for the use of duct plasma cutting machine


1, before power on, to ensure that the emergency stop button is lifted (to the right rotation). The emergency stop button is turned on in the pressed state and the machine cannot move properly.

2, duct plasma cutting machine work, operators must always pay attention to the cutting machine work, the process of work do not leave. In case of an emergency, pause the cutting or press the emergency stop button.

3, to be cut plate, to ensure that the plate placed in the effective travel of the CNC cutting machine, but also to avoid cutting the cutting process to the cutting gun movement outside the iron plate situation.

If not sure, you can run empty once before cutting (or use the walk contour function: auto/assist/walk contour).

4, when the arc is drawn, the gun mouth is too high from the iron plate or cut the gun under the iron plate test arc, it is easy to cause the cut gun damage.

5, every day before going to work to wipe the dust on each rail, wipe off the oil scale, can be scrubbed with gasoline or diesel fuel, and then with a clean lubricant (oil, do not use butter) cloth wipe the rail scan.

6, every day before startcutting work, the gas pump and filter water in the clean. When the gas circuit that supplies the plasma power supply is disconnected, the water in the oil-water separator behind it will flow out automatically.

7, once a week to clean the rack, oil scale too much, you can use the brush on the thin material brush, and then with more clean lubricant (oil, do not use butter) cloth wipe the rack.