How to maintain the equipment rivet machine of the duct production line

Duct production line.

Because of its convenient and multi-use, efficient and easy to operate characteristics are more and more accepted by the vast number of manufacturers customers. In order to extend its service life, later maintenance work is essential. Duct production line, duct equipment riveting machine mainly by rotation and pressure to complete the assembly, mainly used in the need for rivets in the riveting occasion, common pneumatic, oil pressure and electric, single-head and double-head and other specifications models. Specific to the rivet machine how to maintain, the following to you to make a simple introduction:
1, do not process more than the nominal capacity of the workpieces.
2, do not work for long periods of time in a high-pressure state.
3, rivethead outstretched length should not exceed the specified value.
4, encountered abnormal immediate lying service, direct troubleshooting.
5, the equipment rail should be applied once a month butter, so that it lubricates and rust.
6, riveting head of the installation and removal should be light and slow, especially when removing rivethead do not use brute force pull out, should rotate the rivethead and slowly pull down force.
7, the use of medium riveting head in the processing of certain materials will appear a slight bonding phenomenon, in order to ensure the quality of riveting, should be regularly to clean the riveting head, to prevent metal bonding thickening. Secure the rivet on the chuck of the lathe when cleaning, and polish it with sandpaper.