How to safely use duct sewing machine?

Duct sewing machine is suitable for the rapid seaming of ventilation ducts, the appearance is flat, general and strong, with a long service life.

It is important to remind everyone that safety issues should be paid attention to when using duct sewing machines.

1. Before installing the duct sewing machine, pay attention to check the ground protection, there must be leakage protection.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wear fiber fabric gloves to operate before operating the duct sewing machine to see the instruction manual and the equipment use part.

3. The chain of the duct sewing machine can not be adjusted too tightly, allowing the chain to be wrapped around 30-25mm.

4. When pressing the ribs, the grinding tool with a groove of one-facing up, the groove will be adjusted to a straight line, with the compression rib wheel;

5. When the hand does not leave the off, when the compression wheel forward, every completion of the compression immediately stop, the two ends of the duct sewing machine equipped with a safety protection travel switch, operation can not touch the protection travel switch