Introduction to electric shearing machine

The electric shearing machine adopts the clutch structure and open gear drive in the form of resistance keys, and uses more advanced electrical appliances (foot switch, manual switch) operation, the noise is easy to maintain. The use of all-steel welding structure, simple structure, simple operation, beautiful shape, low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, metal, electrical appliances, automotive maintenance, metal manufacturing and other metal sheet processing industry.

Electric shearing machine is mainly used for flat cutting irregular graphics, theoretically as long as the use of AUTOCAD can draw the graphics can be cut. Methods for maintenance of electric shearers:
1, in strict accordance with the operating procedures for operation.

2, before each start-up according to the lubrication chart requirements timed, fixed-point, quantitative oil, oil should be clean and no precipitation.

3, the machine must always keep clean, unpast paint part of the rust-proof grease.

4, motor bearings in the lubricant oil to be regularly replaced filling, and often check whether the electrical part of the work is normal and safe and reliable.

5, regularly check the triangle belt, handle, knob, keys are damaged, serious wear should be replaced in a timely manner, and report spare parts supplement.

6, regular inspection repair switches, insurance, handle, to ensure that its work is reliable.

7, 10 minutes before work every day, the machine tool refueling lubrication and scrubbing cleaning machine tools.

8, strictly prohibit non-designated personnel to operate the equipment, usually must do people off-camera stop.