TDF Flange forming machine Operating procedures and precautions


Do you know what kind of equipment the TDF flange forming machine is? It is a special equipment for flange forming on the air duct’s own plate connection port. It has the characteristics of low cost, good sealing performance, simple and convenient installation, and is especially suitable for the production of air ducts with a small cross-sectional area. Do you know the operating procedures of this equipment? It is mainly divided into three stages, namely the three stages of pre-start, operation and shutdown. The following editor will introduce the operating procedures of these three stages in detail. In addition, what matters should the relevant operators pay attention to during the operation? Next, take a look at the following article introduction with the editor.

1. The operating procedures of the total plate flange machine

Do you know the operating procedures of the flange TDF forming machine? It is mainly divided into three stages, which are the three stages of pre-start, operation and shutdown. The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Before starting

Especially pumps that have been out of service for a long time must use a rotary coupling for several revolutions to ensure the free rotation of the eyes (some pumps should be started, all the water in the spring should be discharged), and the direction of rotation of the motor must be sufficient to fit the pump. The direction of rotation force is consistent; close the gate valve on the intake pipe; turn on the motor; open the gate valve on the water supply pipe, and the water supply volume will gradually increase until the water supply volume meets the specified requirements; when the pump reaches the limit of support, open the word valve on the intake pipe , The pump starts to work normally.

2. Run

Adjust the packing gland to make the water drip out. If the slope material is worn and w44 can ensure the required sealing, it should be replaced with a new one; the working temperature of the rolling sodium bearing should not be higher than the ambient temperature of 35Y, but the measured temperature should be as small as 70 sinks; when used under the limit, the pump The noise is loud and easy to damage by cavitation, in order to reduce the noise. A little gas enters the beam from the air vent, and the total plate flange machine only needs to reduce the vacuum by about 250-350Pa. It can be effective.

3. Parking

Close the gate valve on the air intake pipeline; close the gate valve of the water supply pipeline; after the water is stopped, the reposition pump continues to rotate for 1-2 minutes, and the motor is turned off after discharging part of the working fluid; if the parking gate valve exceeds a large section, the The screw plug is opened and the water is drained.

2. Precautions for the operation of the common plate flange machine

1. Machine tool operators and maintenance personnel must be professionals with professional knowledge of the corresponding machine tools or personnel who have received technical training, and must operate the machine tools in accordance with safe operation regulations and safe operation regulations.

2. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical cabinet door. Before opening the electrical cabinet door, you must confirm that the main power switch of the machine tool has been turned off. Only professional maintenance personnel are allowed to open the door of the electrical cabinet for power-on maintenance.

3. Except for some parameters that can be changed by the user, other system parameters, spindle parameters, servo parameters, etc., cannot be modified privately by the user, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment, workpieces, and personal injury to the operator.

4. After modifying the parameters, when performing the first machining, the machine tool will be used for trial operation by means of machine tool lock, single block, etc. without the tool and workpiece installed, and then use the machine tool after confirming that the machine tool is normal.

5. The PLC program of the machine tool is designed by the machine tool manufacturer according to the needs of the machine tool and does not need to be modified. Incorrect modification, operation of the machine tool may cause damage to the machine tool and even hurt the operator.

6. ​​It is recommended that the machine tool run continuously for more than 24 hours. If the continuous running time is too long, it will affect the life of the electrical system and some mechanical components, which will affect the accuracy of the machine tool.

7. All connectors and joints of the machine tool are not allowed to be unplugged or plugged when powered, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.