How to use horizontal pneumatic seaming machine safely?

The horizontal pneumatic seaming machine adopts heavy-duty chassis, arc welding steel frame, high-quality cylinder to ensure the structure is strong and durable, the joint is fast and accurate, and has a long service life. It is necessary to remind everyone that when using the horizontal pneumatic seaming machine, we must pay attention to safety issues.

1. Check the grounding protection before installing the horizontal pneumatic seaming machine, and there must be leakage protection.

2. Before operating the air duct sewing machine, read the manual and the equipment use part. It is strictly forbidden to wear fiber fabric gloves.

3. The chain of the horizontal pneumatic seaming machine cannot be adjusted too tight, allowing the chain to be wound around 30-25mm.

4. When the bead is pressed, the grooved side of the abrasive tool is upward, adjust the groove on a straight line, and use the bead wheel; when closing the seam, turn the abrasive tool 180 degrees and straighten it, and use the flat wheel.

5. Keep the hand away from the switch when starting the machine. When the bead wheel is forward, the machine will stop immediately when the bead is completed. Both ends of the horizontal pneumatic seaming machines are equipped with safety protection travel switches. Do not touch the protection travel switch during operation.