The use characteristics of the lock forming machine

1, lock forming machine plate thickness should be in the scope of the demarcation of various specifications products, if less than the minimum thickness, bite is prone to cracking, wrinkle and other shortcomings;

2, the minimum length of the plate lock forming machine section should not be less than 300MM, otherwise it will be due to the plate and forming rollers at the same time fight too little and cause the degree of resistance when the lock forming machine is greater than the friction force sent forward into the plate, so that the plate slips between the forming rollers and accelerates the wear of the roller forming part.

3, before use, the commissioning of the feed guide rail should be harsh in accordance with the equipment commissioning request, the feed guide mediated to the demarcation of the status of the size after solid. If the actual position of the feed guide is less than the demarcation of the status size, it will cause the lock forming machine not to form, if it is larger than the demarcation of the position size, because the feed is too wide, so that the lock forming machine size is too poor, resulting in two sheets can not lock forming machine or waste the material, if the feed guide tilt tension, it is easy to occur before and after the lock forming machine width of the incomplete running bias disadvantage.

4,lock forming machine processing skills are in accordance with the processing of ordinary steel plate plan, often used ordinary thin steel plate, galvanized thin steel plate and plastic composite steel plate have a sophisticated bite molding machine. Stainless steel plate strength is higher than ordinary steel plate, with stainless steel plate bite, the first form implementation, in order to avoid overloading the equipment, resulting in excessive wear or machine chaos. Because of the poor plasticity of aluminum plate, bite forming is easy to crack, before construction also want to do forming experiments, at the same time, because of the lack of elasticity of aluminum plate, aluminum plate wind pipe can not be pressed button bite.

5, up and down forming roller radial reserve gap mediation, not only request loose compliance, but also before and after the same. If the reserved clearance is too small, feeding difficulties, even after forced delivery, the bite crack tension, if the reserved gap is too large, it will cause the bite shape is irregular or the plate slips between the forming rollers. When biting with stainless steel or aluminum plate, radial reserved clearance should be adjusted more than required for steel plate of the same thickness, otherwise it will cause signs such as overloading of equipment or cracking of the bite.