Five ways to bite the plate of lock forming machine


People who know the wind pipe production process should be no stranger to the lock forming machine. Its main function is to plate connection and duct closed connection for bite processing, at the same time, the lock forming machine for different shapes of bone-shaped duct manufacturing can be very good satisfaction. In practice, what are the methods of biting the plate by the lock forming machine? Below, duct production line manufacturers for you to introduce:

Lock forming machine plate bite five methods:

1, single flat bite, for the plate stitching seam, duct vertical combination seam;

2, single bite, for round elbows, back and forth bends and transverse seams of ducts;

3, one-angle bite, for rectangular ducts or parts of the vertical seams and rectangular elbows, tee corners;

4, joint angle bite, the use of the third method;

5, double flat bite and double-up bite, the use of the same as the first and second methods, because this method is complex and cumbersome, not much use.