What are the common bite methods of the lockformer pittsburgh machine?


The lockformer pittsburgh machine is an important part in the wind pipe production line, which plays an important role in the closing connection of the processing parts, so how does it close the bite? Here’s a look with the 5th line of the duct line:

Lockformer pittsburgh machine, also known as the bone machine, lockformer pittsburgh machine, wind pipe bite machine, duct bone machine. Is a multi-functional type of machine, mainly used for plate connection and round duct closed connection bite processing.

It can meet bone patterns of various shapes made by ducts. The thickness of the processing sheet is 0.5-1.5mm. All gears, shafts and rolls of the machine are made of high-quality steel and undergo a rigorous heat treatment process
1) single flat bite: used for the slicing of the lockformer pittsburgh machine plate seam, duct vertical binding seam;
2) single-position bite: for round elbows, back and forth bends and transverse seams of ducts;
3) One-angle bite: for vertical seams of rectangular ducts or components, as well as rectangular elbows, tee corners:
4) Joint angle bite: use with the third method);
5) Double flat bite and double-up bite number: Yongtong is equivalent to the first and second methods, because this method is complex and cumbersome, not much use.