The structure of the lockformer pittsburgh machine is composed of structure


The structure of the lockformer pittsburgh machine

The structure of the lockformer pittsburgh machine consists of three parts: the feeding part, the transmission part, and the forming part.

1, molding part, mainly refers to the host part, the core part is the roll. When there is too much feed between the two rollers or squeezes the forming between the rollers.

2, feed part, mainly manual feeding, the use of the gap between the rollers feed.

3, the transmission part, the main drive system for: electric motor a triangular belt – a gearbox – one open gear – a roll. The main unit is powered by the electromagnetic speed control motor, which is transmitted to the active shaft by the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, and through the rod pin coupling.

The lockformer pittsburgh machine can be used for the manufacture of duct production lines, processing and production of different shapes of bone type. The thickness of the processing sheet is 0.5-1.5mm.

All gears, shafts, rollers of the machine are selected high-quality steel, after a rigorous heat treatment process, to ensure that the machinery durable, stable quality, with easy to install, beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical principle, flexible movement, easy to use and so on, to meet the different requirements of the user. The bite machine is suitable for ventilation, air conditioning, purification and other devices of wind control, according to the requirements, can be made into a variety of square, rectangular thin plate duct, is a variety of sheet metal processing, duct production line production and other indispensable mechanized equipment.