How to prevent the crack at the bite of the locking machine


There are many reasons for the cracking of the locking machine, one of which is the large section of the rectangular air duct of the biting machine. The following will be explained from several aspects.

1) Improper selection of bite form. If the large section rectangular air duct adopts snap bite, the four corners of the air duct are easy to crack.
2) Due to the uneven force of the air duct in all directions during transportation, vibration and installation, it is easy to crack the snap fastener bite.
3) When the size of large side of rectangular duct is more than 1500mm, corner bite or combined corner bite should be used, and snap bite should not be used as far as possible.
4) If the air duct snap bite is cracked, it can be made of the same material as the air duct, 50 mm x 50 mm, 90 mm ° Hold the angle of, with φ 3- φ 4, and repair the air duct bite crack. The angle length should be about 100 mm larger than the cracking length of the air duct.

The above is the most important preventive measures to prevent the fracture at the bite of rectangular tuyere, which has been tried repeatedly and constantly enriched in the industry.