Operation rules of manual folding machine

1. Preparation before operation:
a) Check whether the obstacles on and around the machine are cleared;
b) Check whether the equipment is operating normally;
c) Check whether the upper die press knife is installed correctly;
d) Wear necessary labor protection products.

2. Work requirements:
a) Operators must go through manual folding machine training, follow the general safety regulations of machine tool builders, and do not understand the structure, performance, technical parameters and operation requirements of this machine, it is strictly forbidden to operate this machine;
b) The sheet must be focused when bending, to prevent the sheet from lifting and hurting people during bending;
c) During operation, it is found that the workpiece and the positioning are not correct, it should be stopped and corrected. It is strictly prohibited to correct by hand during operation to prevent injury to the hand;
d) When using it, concentrate your energy. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the dangerous area of ​​the mold pressure knife.
e) It is forbidden to bend ultra-thick iron plates or quenched steel plates, high-grade alloy steels, square steels and sheets that exceed the performance of sheet metal bending machines to avoid damage to the equipment.

3. Machine operation steps:
a) Check before starting;
b) Install the upper die pressing knife and process positioning; and adjust the limit stroke position;
c) Put in the work piece, press the sheet tightly for bending;
d) After bending, lift up and take out the bent workpiece, put in a new workpiece and continue the bending operation.

4. Matters needing attention during shutdown:
a) Take out the bent workpiece;
b) Quit processing operations;
c) Place tools, measuring tools and materials according to regulations, and clean up your work site.

5. Maintenance regulations:
a) Check whether the positioning device, die pressing knife and fasteners are tight; tighten loose screws;
b) Fill the manual folding machine with lubricating oil at all parts;
c) Remove dust and oil from the manual folding machine.