Three methods of fluid supply commonly used in the pittsburgh lock forming machine


The commonly used methods of liquid supply in the pittsburgh lock forming machine are pouring method, grinding wheel internal cooling method and spray cooling method. Here’s a little section to learn more about:

The pouring method is to inject the cutting fluid of the pittsburgh lock forming machine into the cutting area with a certain pressure and flow, and the air pressure and flow are achieved by the liquid pump. General grinding more use of this method, with low-pressure pump grinding liquid to the cooling nozzle, pittsburgh lock forming machine co-plate flange machine duct plasma cutting machine duct pipe production line with the gravity of grinding itself, pouring to the grinding wheel and workpiece contact. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and easy to do, but in the case of high grinding wheel speed, there is a swing air flow around the grinding wheel, in addition, due to the role of centrifugal force, there is also a squirt ingres from the inside of the grinding wheel. These airflows create air barriers around the grinding wheel, making the grinding fluid immersion grinding area very difficult and thus affecting the effect of the supply. The inner cooling method of the grinding wheel is to make the cutting fluid from the inner hole or side of the grinding wheel into the body of the grinding wheel, relying on the centrifugal force when the grinding wheel is swinging, the grinding liquid is thrown out through the gas hole in the grinding wheel.

Effectively make the pittsburgh lock forming machine cutting fluid into the human grinding area, to achieve cooling and lubrication. This method can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece, reduce the wear of the grinding wheel and improve its service life. The internal cooling method is mainly applicable to ceramic binders, grinding wheels with particle size36 to 100, and grinding wheels made with rubber and other binding agents should not be used this method. When using this method, the cutting fluid must be filtered well and is prone to fog when the cutting fluid is flung out. In addition, grinding fluid will be thrown out of the vicinity of the grinding wheel, with care for protection.

Spray cooling method is the use of spray principle to atomize the cutting fluid, and with high-speed air flow sprayed into the grinding area. Small droplets in the grinding area under the high temperature effect of quickly vaporization, because the vaporization of water to absorb a large amount of heat, pittsburgh lock forming machine, co-plate flange machine, duct plasma cutting machine duct production line so the cooling effect is very good, suitable for efficiency, high-precision mirror grinding. However, this method is difficult to guarantee the overall cooling requirements of the workpiece because of the low supply of grinding fluid. Therefore, it is often used in conjunction with ordinary supply.