Operation specifications for precautions for pittsburgh lockformer machine


1. When the pittsburgh lockformer machine is used, the transmission part on the sheet metal and the plumber machinery should be equipped with a protective cover, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble it during operation.

2. The use of pittsburgh lockformer machine is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating roller with your hand. When feeding to the end by hand, the finger must leave the workpiece.

3. The pittsburgh lockformer machine should be run with no load first, and it can be operated only after it is confirmed to be normal.

4. During the use of the pittsburgh lockformer machine, when foreign objects enter the roller, it should be stopped and repaired in time.

5. When the pittsburgh lockformer machine is used, the strength and accuracy of the cutting tools, tires, and molds on the sheet metal and plumbing machinery should meet the requirements. The sharpness of the sharpness, the installation is stable, and it is firm and reliable.

6. The mouthpiece machine uses the power supply motor on the sheet metal and the plumber machinery. The use of hand-held power tools and hydraulic devices should comply with the provisions of Section 3.1, Section 3.4, Section 3.8 and Appendix C of JGJ33-2001.

7. Non-operating and auxiliary personnel are not allowed to stay around the machine while the pittsburgh lockformer machine is in operation.

8. The length and width of the work piece used by the pittsburgh lockformer machine shall not exceed the allowable range of the implement.

9. After using the pittsburgh lockformer machine, the power supply should be cut off, the electric lock box should be locked, and daily maintenance work should be done.