Pittsburgh Lockformer Machine Application Technology


  1. The thickness of plate shall be within the specified range. If the thickness is less than 0.5mm, defects such as tensile crack and wrinkle will easily occur in the nip. If the maximum thickness is greater than 1.2mm or 1.5mm, the processing and molding power of the main engine is directly proportional to the square of the sheet thickness, which will cause abnormal damage to the forming roller wheel, overloading of the driving system and other failures such as the frowning car due to the obvious increase of bending force.


  1. The processing capacity of multi-functional Pittsburgh Lockformer Machine is designed to process common steel plates, and common ones including A3, galvanized and plastic composite steel plates all have good nipforming performance. The strength of stainless steel plate is higher than that of ordinary steel plate. Before nipping stainless steel plate, the forming experiment should be done first to avoid overloading the equipment and causing excessive wear or mechanical accidents. Due to the aluminum plate’s poor plasticity, it is easy to crack during forming, and the forming test should be done before construction. At the same time, due to the lack of elasticity of the aluminum plate, aluminum plate air duct cannot be a snap nip.


  1. The minimum length of the plate section should be no less than 300mm. Otherwise, the horizontal resistance of the plate at the same time of contact between the plate and the forming roller wheel will be greater than the friction of the forward feed sheet.


  1. Before use, the commissioning of feed guide should strictly follow the commissioning requirements of the equipment, adjust the feed guide to the specified position and size and fix it.If the actual position of the feed guide is smaller than the specified position size, the multi-function nipping machine will not take shape.If the size is larger than the specified position, the size of the nip is too wide, which makes the two plates unable to nip or waste materials.

If the feed guide is seriously skewed, it is easy to produce uneven nip width before and after off-tracking defects.


  1. The adjustment of radial reserved gap of upper and lower forming roller not only requires proper tightness, but also consistency.If the reserved gap is too small, the feeding is difficult, even after the forced feed, the nip crack is serious;if the gap is too large, the nip shape will be irregular or the sheet will slip between the forming rollers. When nip with stainless steel plate or aluminum plate, the radial reserved gap should be larger than the gap required by steel plate of the same thickness, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of equipment overload or nip cracking.