Precautions for the operation of the pittsburgh seam closer

In the process of using pittsburgh seam closer has a few things to pay attention to, the following seam machine manufacturers to introduce to you,pittsburgh seam closer is mainly used to roll or bend molded steel pipe tight seam, easy to weld steel pipe, can also be used for cylinder, cone, prism seam welding, in oil, electricity, shipbuilding and chemical industries have a wide range of applications. Here are the precautions for pittsburgh seam closer operation:

1. Before installing this machine, pay attention to check the ground protection, there must be leakage protection (special box).

2. Look at the instruction manual and equipment use part before operation, it is strictly prohibited to wear fiber fabric gloves operation.

3. Chain can not be adjusted too tight, allowing the chain to go around 30-25mm.

4. The pressure depth and the pressure size of the seam can be adjusted.

5. When pressing the abrasive with a groove on one face, the groove is adjusted in a straight line, with the pressure wheel;

6. When the hand does not leave the off, when the pressure wheel forward, every completion of the rib immediately stop, the two ends of the machine is equipped with a safety protection travel switch, operation can not touch the protection travel switch.

7. One machine, one box, one gate and one leak.