Precautions for the operation of the plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine are machines that process metal materials by virtue of plasma cutting machine skills.

Plasma is a gas that is heated to very high temperatures and highly ionized, which transfers arc power to the workpiece, where the high heat melts the workpiece and blows it off, creating a working condition in which the plasma arc is cut.

Precautions for operation:

1. The plasma cutting machine used on the spot shall be equipped with rain, moisture and sun protection, and shall be equipped with the corresponding fire-fighting equipment.

2. When cutting at high altitude, it is necessary to fasten the seat belt, cut cut around and under the fire prevention method, and should be supervised by a special person.

3. When it is necessary to cut the pressurized container, sealed container, oil barrel, pipe, contaminated with flammable gas and solution of the workpiece, should first eliminate the pressure inside the container and pipe, eliminate flammable gas and solution, and then wash toxic, harmful, flammable substances; Welding in containers should be done to prevent electric shock, poisoning and asphyxiation. Cut sealed containers should set aside air holes, if necessary, in the inlet, outlet installation equipment ventilation equipment; Do not cut in containers that have been sprayed with paint and plastic.

4. Cut-off of pressure vessels and pipes, charged equipment, forced parts of the bearing structure and containers containing flammable and explosive articles in pressure conditions are prohibited.

5. No welding in the open on rainy days. When working in wet areas, operators should stand in the area where insulation is laid and wear insulated shoes.

6. After operation, the power supply should be blocked and the gas source and water source should be switched off.