Precautions for the use of the rounding machine


For the rounding machine equipment, its service life is composed of two parts, one part in use of careful operation, the other part is the maintenance of daily work. How to operate to extend the life of the angle iron round machine?

Before the rounding machine is used, the start-up test is to be carried out to check the equipment for any problems, and then, check the oil level shown by the side oil label of the drive tank, if the oil level is lower than the oil line, the tank cover needs to be injected with lubricant into the box body until a limited position is reached. So after the inspection, the equipment will be placed smoothly, four rounds of force uniform, you can carry out production activities.

Here are some details of how to work, which can also help extend the life of the angled iron rounder.

1, the pressure wheel feed, first the upper nut loosened, reached the scale, and then the round nut tightened fixed, passive pressure wheel into the workpiece should be exited.

2, after a period of use, timely clean up the workpiece suppression left scrap, so as not to affect the normal use of the angle iron roll round machine.

3, after a period of use, to check the transmission tank side oil label shown oil level, oil surface is too low when timely fill.

4, in use should pay attention to the operating range, can not exceed the operation of the load.