The common plate flanged duct produced by the air duct production line is an important part of the air conditioning and ventilation system, and the amount of ducts is increasing every year. There are also many types of air ducts, and different air ducts are suitable for different working environments. The following are the common air ducts of the models and the occasions where they are used.

1. Ducts for industrial ventilation systems: steel plates, galvanized sheets; (plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, composite materials can be used. FRP ducts can be divided into organic and inorganic types. According to the design specifications, there are banned organic materials for fire protection requirements);

2. Air ducts for special occasions: rubber-coated air ducts for mining, plastic ventilation ducts for mining; (flame retardant and antistatic mine safety characteristics are required);

3. Air duct for purifying air-conditioning system: galvanized sheet, stainless steel; (fiberglass and composite materials that may be polluted by dust sources in use are prohibited);

4. Air duct for central air conditioning system: galvanized sheet, color steel insulation board; (glass reinforced plastic, composite materials can be used);

5. Air duct for environmental control system: galvanized sheet, stainless steel; (plastic, glass steel, composite materials can be used).