Spiral Air Duct What Are the Key Points In Operating Conditioning?

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  1. operation key points of screw air duct installation for refrigeration.

1.The relief vent pipe end should do Ω form or T, drains shall be toward safety. Safety valve and equipment or shut off valve must be in full open position and lead sealed with lead during operation.

2.Spiral air duct Machine passing through the wall or floor shall be provided with steel casing. The welding line shall not be placed inside the casing. The steel casing shall be flush with the wall or floor or floor bottom, but 20mm higher than the ground. The inner courtyard of the spiral duct and casing shall be filled with heat insulation or other non-combustible materials and shall not be used as support for the pipe

  1. Key points for making and installing Spiral air ductMachine  and dust collector


  1. The mounting of the deduster shall be in the correct position, firm and stable. The inlet and outlet direction shall meet the design requirements

2.The inlet and outlet of Spiral air duct Machine and deduster shall be straight, and the discharge pipe of the barrel body shall be coaxial with that of the cone, and the eccentricity shall not be greater than 2mm.

3.The allowable deviation of the outer diameter of Spiral air duct Machine and dust collector tube or outside of rectangle shall not be more than 5%, and the inner and outer surface shall be smooth and smooth, and the radian shall be uniform.

  1. installation of Spiral air ductMachine on ventilator


  1. The exposed part of the transmission device of the Spiral air ductMachine of the ventilator shall have a protective cover. When the air inlet of the ventilator or the air inlet pipe is directly connected to the atmosphere, protective net or other safety measures shall be added.
  2. If the base of the Spiral air ductMachine of the ventilator does not use the shock absorber, but is placed directly on the foundation, and the leveling of the inclined iron is applied in pairs.


  1. The spiral air duct and outlet air duct device of the ventilator shall be supported separately and firmly connected with foundation or other buildings. When the spiral air duct is connected with the fan, the flange face shall not be hard drawn and stiff, and the casing shall not bear the weight of other parts to prevent deformation.
  2. Key points of making and installing the muffler on the Spiral air ductMachine
  3. The muffler and the muffler bending pipe shall be supported separately. The weight shall not be borne by the air pipe.

2.The selection of silencer should meet the requirements of waterproof, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof design.3.The mounting and fixed end of anechoic sheet shall not be loose, and the spacing shall be uniform

4.The perforation plate of the muffler should be smooth, the holes should be arranged evenly, without burrs, and the perforation rate should meet the design requirements.


B、Operation key points for making rigid PVC Spiral air duct Machine.

1.The installation direction of the fire valve should be correct; the fusible parts should be installed after the system installation.

2.When the Spiral air duct Machine is installed horizontally, the allowable deviation of the levelness should not be greater than 3mm per m and the total deviation should not be greater than 20mm. Vertical installation of spiral air duct; The allowable deviation of perpendicularity shall not be greater than 2mm per m and the total deviation shall not be greater than 20mm.

3.Installation of all kinds of tuyere should be smooth, the position should be correct, the rotating part should be flexible, and the connection with spiral air duct should be firm.

4.Hanging and bracket should not be installed in the tuyere, valve inspection mouth; hanger should not be directly thrown on the flange.

C、Air treatment room manufacturing and installation key points

1.Square ribbed ribs shall be welded on the supply and return pipes embedded in the brick and concrete air treatment room, and flange or wire mouth shall be prepared at the end of spiral air pipe, and loomm-150mm shall be separated from the wall of the treatment room.

2.The assembly of each section of the metal air treatment room shall be smooth and firmly connected in the correct position. The sprinkler section shall not leak.

3.The heat dissipation surface of the surface or heat exchanger should be kept clean and intact.

4.No leakage is allowed in the inspection door of the air sprinkler section.


D.Spiral air duct Machine Key points of making operation:

1.The Spiral air duct Machine is connected with the flange. The flanging size should be 6mm-9mm and the flanging should be smooth without holes.

2.The Angle of the three-way or four-way circular spiral air duct should be 15 to 60 degrees, and the allowable deviation of the Angle should be less than l degrees.

3.The connection of each segment of Spiral air duct Machine should be in the form of detachable, the length of the segment should be 1.8-4.0, and the welded air duct and spiral air duct can be lengthened appropriately.