The main points of the construction of the spiral duct forming machine remover and the ventilator in the works


A, refrigeration with the spiral duct forming machine installation operation points.

1. The end of the safety valve empty inge pipe should be made of omega-shaped or T-shaped, and the drain slot should be facing the safety zone. The safety valve and equipment between or set off the valve, in the operation process, must be in a fully open position, and with lead seal.

2. The spiral duct forming machine through the wall or floor should be set up steel casing, weld solder shall not be placed in the casing, steel casing should be flush with the wall or floor, or floor floor, but should be 20mm higher than the ground. The inter-courtyard of the spiral duct and casing shall be filled with insulation or other non-combustible materials and shall not be used as a support for the pipe.

B, spiral duct forming machine and dust remover production and installation of key points

1. Installation of the removal of duster, should be in the correct position, strong and stable, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, vertical allowable deviation per meter should not be greater than 2mm, the total deviation should not be greater than 10mm.

2. The import and export of the spiral duct forming machine and dust remover shall be straight, and the cylinder discharge tube shall be coaxial under the cone, and its eccentricity shall not be greater than 2mm.

3. The permissible deviation of the outer diameter or rectangular outer diameter of the spiral duct and the duster barrel shall not be greater than 5%, and the outer surface shall be smooth and smooth and the radian is uniform.

C, the main points of the operation of the coil installation on the ventilator

1. The exposed part of the transmission unit of the spiral duct of the ventilator shall be a protective shield, and when the air inlet of the ventilator or the intake line of the ventilation line has a direct access to the atmosphere, a protective net or other safety measures shall be installed.

2. The base of the screw duct of the ventilator, if not a shock absorber, is placed directly on the basis, and is applied to a pair of oblique iron to find a flat.