Spiral duct machine cleaning methods


Speaking of spiral ducts, I believe most people may not feel unfamiliar, because it is very common and very commonly used in industrial production and daily life. We all know that the machinery must be maintained and cleaned regularly after being used for a long time. So how to clean the spiral duct machine?

There are three most effective air duct cleaning methods:

1. Vacuum dirt suction: use a vacuum suction pipe similar to a hand-held vacuum suction pipe to operate. Use a brush to directly touch the inner wall of the pipe to remove dirt. This method requires the air duct to have a larger inspection hole so that the operator can reach it as much as possible, but this method is most likely to miss a part of dust and dirt, because the air duct cannot form a complete negative pressure condition. The following methods can form negative pressure conditions.

2. Power scrubbing: Use a pneumatic or electric brush to move the dirt, and then the dirt is sucked into the vacuum collector in the same way and direction as the gas flushing. This method requires as much care as possible so as not to damage the appearance of the insulation material.

3. Gas flushing: This method uses a hose equipped with a nozzle connected to the air pipe to deliver compressed air. The nozzle is designed so that the compressed air can drive in dust and dirt. The dirt and dust removed by compressed air are transported to the vacuum container along the air duct. We often have all kinds of opportunities to come into contact with pipe products in our lives, and our lives are closely connected, especially ventilation ducts, whether it is entertainment venues, restaurants or even factories, ventilation ducts are indispensable. Since the product came out, because of its own characteristics and low price, it has swept the entire market, and it has also been welcomed by many manufacturers. In use, you must learn to maintain and clean the ventilation ducts, so that you can better play your own role. Ventilation pipe processing plays an increasingly important role in life. The above are the most effective cleaning methods. If they can be combined together, it will be better. But in general, pipe cleaning mainly depends on the filter section of the air-conditioning box. Keep cleaning, supplemented by the above cleaning methods.