How to connect the spiral duct machine


Ordinary hoop type connection is to tie the port of the pipe into a protrusion, and the opening at one end should be smaller. When connecting, insert the smaller port into the larger port according to the airflow direction, and fix it with a special spiral duct machine steel band, and then fix it with bolts to tighten it.

In other types, the two ends of each tube are connected into a reel, and one end is reduced into a small mouth. The small opening is the direction of the airflow inserted during installation. Use a wire rope traction belt to connect the two drums and fix the steel pipe. Fix the bolts and put on earrings.

Mainly used to connect steel circular ventilation ducts and spiral ducts. First, roll both ends of each pipe section out of the ribs and reduce one end into a small opening. When installing, insert the small hole into the large hole according to the direction of the airflow, and use the steel hoop to connect the two ends of the drum hoop tightly, and use the bolt to penetrate the middle of the earring and tighten it.