Main Application of Spiral Air Duct

1. Ventilation system: supply fresh air and exhaust, discharge harmful gas outdoors and send outdoor fresh air indoors. The flow of the ventilation system is very large. Therefore, less resistance air conveying pipes are required to save costs and operating expenses. Raw materials with galvanized steel strip, corrosive and especially humid places can also use stainless steel production.

2. Air conditioning system: central air conditioning, cold storage, etc., with spiral air duct can be attached with thermal insulation materials, beautiful appearance.

3. Lampblack ash system: the kitchen of dining-room, wine shop, guesthouse all has a lot of lampblack generation, need to discharge, use helix air duct is most appropriate, replaced traditional artificial make, helix air duct intensity is good, economy is practical.

4. Dedusting bulk material conveyance system: flour mill, feed plant, etc., the collection and conveyance of dedusting equipment, in pneumatic conveying system, some of the finer and loose material granules can be transported by spiral air pipe, the cost is low, the effect is good.

Spiral air duct produced by spiral air duct machine: economical type

According to the national standard, with the same pipe diameter, the cost of main material is reduced by 15-20%, and the same installation auxiliary material (such as lifting keys, etc.) is simple and less in quantity. The cost is reduced by 30%.

Under the same conditions, change the low-speed air supply and exhaust of the air duct into high-speed air supply and exhaust. The system design can reduce the total amount of air duct, which is not only economical, but also saves space.

Under the same sample thickness and the same pipe diameter, the spiral air pipe has high strength and beautiful appearance. Under the same section, the spiral air pipe is more reasonable than other wind pipe structures, which significantly reduces the chatter noise. Under the same length, the number of flange connections is less, the sealing performance is better than other wind pipes, and the system ventilation quality is high.


Spiral air duct produced by spiral air duct machine: rapidity:

High efficiency construction, such as short duration, urgent projects better, mechanized production, fast and efficient.

The number of connection flanges is small, and the hoisting work is reduced by about 50%.

There is no need for the construction site machining process, and the site operation personnel and management procedures are reduced. The special shaped pipe fitting can be assembled on site, and the lifting can be simple