How savings can be made by installing a spiral duct machine

How can the installation of a spiral duct machine be cost-saving and materials can be reduced? Let the editor take you to see. In order to save labor and materials, the construction party is best to be able to calculate each specification of the spiral duct machine, and pay attention to the calculation of the length of the duct to subtract the length of other pipes, such as tee, valve, elbow and so on.

There are many ways to install the spiral duct machine, and when ordering, be sure to decide which method to connect before deciding to buy. The connection methods are: flange connection method, plug-in method. Installed with flange connection, ducts and fittings are as large as the tubes. With the insertion test to be the size of the fitting smaller than the spiral duct fitting, so it is possible to calculate each specification of the duct, the exact length of each duct in the installation of the construction can not be cut length.