The manufacture and anticorrosion of spiral duct machine

All kinds of steel and plate transportation must choose safe, qualified and reliable transportation tools. The spiral duct machine must bind the profiles and transportation tools firmly during the transportation process. Pay attention to safety during the unloading process. Larger profiles need two People and above coordinate with each other in loading and unloading to prevent them from hurting themselves and others.

When using all kinds of small and medium-sized motors such as folding machines, electric drills, welding machines, etc., professional licensed electricians must perform wiring operations, and non-electrical operation of wiring is strictly prohibited to prevent electric shock accidents. During the transportation of the air duct, you must pay attention to the road conditions, you should clear the obstacles on the road in advance, the air duct should be handled with care, and it is strictly prohibited to throw and hurt others at random. The two should coordinate with each other when lifting the air duct , And put them together to prevent sprains.

When placing the duct on the site, the code should be placed in a relatively spacious and flat position, the flat pad must be stable, the order should be neat, and the number of layers should not be too high to prevent the accident of the air pipe collapsing.