Application of TDF duct flange rollformer in ventilation equipment system

In recent years, as an important part of the central air-conditioning ventilation system, the use of ducts is increasing every year, and the production process requirements are getting higher and higher. The advantages of the common board french machine make it more and more widely used. The co-plate terrand pipe, also known as the can not be lanyon pipe, its production than the traditional rectangular wind pipe processing speed is faster, more convenient, the leakage rate is smaller. Its advantages are to save materials, reduce investment, reduce energy consumption, save operating costs, popular with construction enterprises.

Ventilation and air conditioning is the outdoor new air and indoor return air after treatment into temperature, humidity, freshness meet the requirements of the air into the use of space, and then the use of space does not meet the temperature, humidity, freshness requirements of the air return treatment and discharge into the atmosphere of the entire process. In order to complete the air in and out of the transport, only through the wind channel to achieve. Generally speaking, most of these channels are made of galvanized sheets made of wind pipes.

The wind pipe can not be connected construction process is to connect the pair of frankincense and accessories to cancel, and between direct bite, plus middle part bite, auxiliary clamping parts and other ways to complete the horizontal connection of the wind pipe. Because the can not lan-connecting wind pipe joints are generally simpler than the french connection, and together with the connector auxiliary parts (some can not lan-connect no auxiliary parts) lighter weight, the production is simple or can use standard parts mass production, can not only save a large number of steel, but also greatly simplify the construction process, improve productivity, after test determination, can not lant connection windpile sealing is also better than the french connection windpile, can not be lany connection wind pipe in the international application more and more extensive, and more and more forms.