TDF flange forming machine precautions and fault handling

1. 8 precautions for using a TDF flange forming machine.

(1) When using a TDF flange forming machine. Hands are strictly forbidden to reach out in the gap of the mechanical pressure plate. The knife holder is not allowed to place items such as tools. When adjusting the sheet, the foot cannot be placed on the pedal. Use fixed vibration shear two hands to stabilize the steel plate, hands from the knife not less than 5 cm, uniform force appropriate.

(2) When biting. Fingers from the roller shell is not less than 5 cm, the handle must not be placed on the bite rail, to stabilize the plate material.

(3) When folding the side should cooperate with each other and maintain distance with the folding machine, so as not to be flipped steel plate and heavy injury.

(4) Operating a roll machine, compressor, hand may not directly push the work piece.

(5) Electric motors shall be installed indoors or in a shed set up to prevent rain and snow. When using the common TDF flange forming machine. The machine parts should be checked for flexibility and reliability, touch the blade by hand and press the sole of the foot. If two people cooperate with the material, but also to coordinate with each other. The switch can only be pressed if there is agreement.

(6) When using profile cut machines. Check that the shield is reliable and that the blade is operating properly. When cutting, the profile should be priced, fixed and then the saw blade under pressure cut, force to be uniform, moderate. Do not wear gloves when using drills.

(7) When oiling aluminum sheet with toxic solvents such as carbon 4 rice. It should be made in the open air and, in the case of indoors, doors and windows should be opened or mechanically ventilated.

(8) Bori steel pipe, glass fiber wind pipe production process will produce dust or fiber flying, on-site production personnel must cut the mask operation.

2. Fault handling during the use of the TDF flange forming machine.

(1) Troubleshooting, system alarm, TDF flange forming machine position ring hardware failure, with TDF flange forming machine oscies check found interference signal, we use the method of connecting capacitors in the circuit to filter it out so that the flange system works normally.

(2) If the flange system can not return to the reference point, the common plate flange oscicator can be used to check for zero-mark pulses, if not considered, indicating system damage.

(3) When the duct production line co-board TDF flange forming machine electrical failure, the most common use is the conventional flange mechanical and electrical instrument tools, according to the flange system circuit diagram and machine machine circuit diagram of the faulty part of the voltage, power supply, pulse signal, etc. to determine the cause of the fault.