6 Precautions for using TDF flange forming machine


(1) When using a common TDF flange forming machine. The hand is strictly forbidden to stretch people mechanical pressure plate in the gap. Do not place items such as tools on the knife holder. When adjusting the plate, the foot cannot be placed on the pedal. Use fixed vibration shear two hands to stabilize the steel plate, hand away from the knife must not be less than 5 cm, the force uniform and appropriate.

(2) When biting. Fingers from the roller shell is not less than 5 cm, the handle should not be placed on the bite machine rail, to stabilize the plate material.

(3) When folding, we should cooperate with each other and keep a distance from the TDF flange forming machine, so as not to be hit by the overturned steel plate and counterweight.

(4) operating the coil, compressor, hand may not push the workpiece directly.

(5) Motor equipment should be clothed in the indoor or set up in the shed, to prevent the invasion of rain and snow. When using a TDF flange forming machine. Should check whether the machine parts are flexible and reliable, Yan Lai hand touch the blade and press the sole of the foot. If the two people cooperate with the material, it is more to coordinate with each other. The switch can only be pressed if there is agreement.

(6) When using a profile cutter. To check that the shield is reliable and that the blade is operating properly. When cutting, the profile price is accurate, fixed and then the blade will be pressed to cut, force to be uniform, moderate. Do not wear gloves when using a drill.