The difference between TDF flange forming machine and flange forming machine

The common plate flange machine is a new design of a high-efficiency duct flange system. The combination of TDF common plate flange machine and reel machine, angle shearing machine, beading machine, etc. can form a fully automated production. Grouped, with machinery to the site construction, the common plate flange system is one of the two major systems for the flange connection of the ventilation pipe. Flange machine is to replace the original steel plate blanking, docking, correction, lathe processing and other complex processes and saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, raw materials, etc., is the advanced mother of flange manufacturing.

The common plate flange machine is a special equipment whose flange is formed on the plate connection port of the air pipe itself. There are three types of common plate flange machines, T-12, T-15 and two-machine linkage T-15D. The thickness of the processed plate: 0.3-1.5mm continuously creates higher value for users. It can be seen that there are still many differences between the two (common plate flange machine and flange machine), and it can even be said to be completely different. The above points of understanding are of great constructive significance for understanding the two machines.