Maintenance measures of TDF flange forming machine

The specific maintenance measures of the TDF flange forming machine accessories are as follows:

1. Like general iron fittings, apply anti-rust oil and wrap with moisture-proof and anti-rust paper;

2. In addition to anti-rust oil, large spare parts must be covered with canvas or plastic cloth to achieve the purpose of dust prevention;

3. All oil pipes and air pipes must be wrapped with plastic cloth to prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the pipeline, which will cause electromagnetic valves or other hydraulic components and pneumatic components to be blocked during use.

4. Prevent direct sunlight, because many of the electrical spare parts are plastic parts, and the sunlight will make them deform, become brittle and damaged.

5. All the spare parts must be checked regularly to check whether they are rusty or if dust enters them to make the spare parts dirty. If there is a problem, they must be derusted, re-oiled and repacked.