The common plate TDF flange forming machine uses thin steel flange connection technology


Metal duct production using thin steel plate TDF flange connection technology, plate thickness of 0.5 to 1.2mm, the connection form is: plug-in, co-plate, strip and combination. Production process: computer-controlled automatic arrangement of materials, plasma cutting and processing equipment of the scientific combination of the various processes, the formation of production lines or stand-alone supporting processing. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, reduced consumption, beautiful molding, full automation of duct processing and good product quality.

The traditional ventilation air conditioning engineering duct horizontal connection, are made of angled steel into pairs of flanges, riveted at both ends of the duct and turned over, using two ducts of the pair of flanges, with gaskets in the middle and bolts to connect them. Due to material, implement and construction constraints, the duct cannot do much to reduce this joint. Domestic rectangular straight air pipe is generally made within 2000mm, can be a system or a project, TDF flange forming machine interface to reach thousands, it also requires thousands of pairs of flanges, gaskets, connecting bolts, the number is very large.

The duct can not connect the construction process is to connect the duct of the pair of TDF flange forming machines and accessories to cancel, substitute to direct bite, plus middleware bite, auxiliary clamping parts and other ways to complete the horizontal connection of the air duct. Because the can not connect the air duct joint is generally simpler than the flange connection, and together with the connector auxiliary parts (some can not connect without auxiliary parts) lighter weight, the production of simple or can use standard parts mass production, can not only save a large number of steel, but also greatly simplify the construction process, improve productivity, after testing, can not connect the air duct seal is better than the flange connection air duct, can not connect the air duct more and more widely used in the international community, and more and more forms of development. In the advanced industrial countries of the relevant air duct construction standards, the use of a variety of can not connect the air duct joint form.

In the modern installation project, with the progress of science and technology, in the air conditioning air duct production, installation process, new materials, new technology is endless, the common plate flange air duct is one of them. The air duct adopts a fully automatic production line, and combined with the world’s advanced CNC and optical fiber information technology, in addition to the production of galvanized rectangular straight air duct, but also the production of elbows, ternations, four-way and other different air duct components. Play an increasingly important role in installation engineering.