What is TDF Flange Forming Machine? – Use,Structure,Avantages




The TDF flange forming machine is a special equipment for forming flanges on the connecting ports of the air duct itself.Flange forming machine has independent hydraulic system and electrical control system. It adopts button centralized control, and has two operation modes: jogging and linkage. Its pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range.



It is mainly suitable for all kinds of profiles, such as flat steel, channel steel, strip steel, stainless steel, black and white iron or other special-shaped cross-section profiles to be bent into circular, arc, spiral and other processes with special-shaped curvature. It is also suitable for external processing, with rich profits.It is an ideal processing equipment for high efficiency, energy saving and material saving in fan, petrochemical, shipbuilding, bridge formwork, grid, steel structure building, large-scale pipeline, hydraulic instrument and other industries.


Advantages of TDF Flange Forming Machine

The TDF flange system can be used for large-scale industrial production and is a high-efficiency air duct flange system. It has good rigidity and stability, and the sports molding shape is beautiful and smooth. Combining with beading machine, shearing machine, common plate flange folding machine, etc. can form a simple automatic duct production line. The machine has a rigorous structure and good performance, which saves customers a lot of costs.


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Technical Paramete

  • General parameters

1. Processing plate thickness: 0.4-1.2mm;
2. Minimum forming size of air duct: 200 * 200 * 150 mm;
3. Undercut shape: flange, fastener;
4. Motor: (power) 1.5kw-6 poles (national standard); (speed) 940r / min;

  • Model

The model of common plate flange forming machine is fab-12a



Fab-12a common plate flange forming machine is mainly composed of frame part, movement part and traditional system.


  • Frame part

It is welded by profiles and plates and has good rigidity. There is a fixed bracket on the worktable, which is easy to replace the shaking instability of manual plate holding. Moreover, the operation is light and easy to load and unload, greatly reducing the labor force of workers.


  • Movement part

It is composed of speed reducer, roller part and feed in and out adjusting part. It has a rigorous and stable structure. In its movement process, the motor drives the speed reducer to run, and then the speed reducer is transmitted to the roller group. The upper and lower rollers move at the same time to roll the angle, and the feeding place has a backer for adjustment. It is the natural rolling of sheet metal.


  • Drive system

Fab-12a common plate flange forming machine
Fab-12a common plate flange forming machine
The motor is installed at the bottom of the frame, the main components are installed on the cover of the electrical box, and the electrical box is installed under the frame of the discharge end. The box cover can be removed to facilitate maintenance.


Combined Use

The TDF flange forming machine, also known as the common plate flange machine, is used together with the bite machine, plate shearing machine, rib pressing machine, common plate flange folding machine, discharging rack and other equipment to form a semi-automatic air duct production line, which is a good helper for air duct production. The machine structure is rigorous, the performance is good, has saved the cost for the customer, reduced the expense, is most production customer’s best choice.


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